For the exhibition “Trespassing – Contours of Spatial Action”, the audio object was developed as communication form for ten audio interviews functioning without headphones. Users are drawn to listen and attend. Holes that seem infinitely deep invite people to creep inside and lose themselves in sound. A space takes shape that has no intention of offering any accustomed orientation.

Inside the exhibition the Audiolounge is perceived as murmuring object. On approaching closer, different sound tracks become clearly recognisable as they stream out of the openings. As soon as someone leans into a hole, visual contact to the surroundings is blocked and replaced by the surrounding noises of the interview.

Acoustic Installation

Vienna, AT


Vienna Secession / as part of the exhibition “trespassing – Shaping Spatial Practices

Sandrine von Klot, Angelika Fitz

Installations by
con:, C2S2, FAT ltd., offshore, PAUHOF, SPLITTERWERK, Klaus Stattmann, the next ENTERprise, Schie 2.0, Wolfgang Tschapeller

1 / 5 Sound zones
2 / 5 Suction points
3 / 5 Deformation
4 / 5 Audiolounge
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