A linear space is created in place of a fence, fulfilling the same purpose of a fence as boundary. Moreover it creates a multifaceted experiential space for the human senses. The installation sets up zones and demarcations but can simultaneously be walked through as access to the cultural zone in the industrial estate. The transformation space as thoroughfare signals to visitors that they are entering a changed area that was only recently opened to the public.

Concrete prefabricated parts are assembled to form a curved, cylindrical space. Well-casings, usually placed in the earth, are now visible overground. Light seams between the elements enhance the overall structure and the sightlines inside and out. Light from outside shines in through the gaps during the day, and at night illumination beams out from within. The northern opening is directed like a telescope onto the surrounding landscape.


Hof am Leithaberge

1st Prize


Gemeinde Hof am Leithaberge

Structural planning
Dipl. Ing. Dr. Karl Heinz Wagner, A

Veronika Hofinger / Margherita Spiluttini

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