Our goal was to transform the exhibition space at the Kunsthaus into a landscape, populated by the objects, installations and messages that together are the collection. The landscape is used to drive spatial perception and by this a multifaceted perception of the collection. The concept of the exhibition is one of perpetual change, as a shifting constellation of environment and artworks.

The horizon / the atmospheric intervention
In order to liberate the space from its boundaries and to transform the envelope into a distant horizon, mirrored panels were leaned against the curved perimeter walls. The angle of the panels mirrors a fragmented, but seemingly infinite reflection of the ceiling, a virtual horizon. The mirror illusion is no mystery – the visible panels make its working deliberately clear.

The dwellings / the spatial intervention
The landscape is settled by ‘dwellings’, specifically designed to house the art installations. In the course of the exhibition, the dwellings become denser shaping cityscapes or mountainous formations.

Exhibition Design

Kunsthaus Graz

Thyssen-Bornemisza  Art Contemporary

29.09.2009 – 21.02.2010

Adam Budak (Kunsthaus Graz)
Daniel Zyman (Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary)

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