YOU AND I, HERE AND THERE – An exhibition dealing with forced displacement, arrival and living together for children ages 6 to 12
29. September 2017 – 02. September 2018

In recent years millions of people, half of them children, have fled from war, human rights abuses and hunger. Child refugees now go to school here and share their school day with Austrian children. The exhibition “You and I, here and there” seeks to contribute to the discovery of similarities and differences and to help the children get to know each other better as a way of avoiding misunderstandings. It uses playful methods to show how we can all succeed in living well together.

In spatial terms the subject of become acquainted and discovery is set in an open and cheerful atmosphere that employs a mixture of cultural approaches through the choice of colours, ornament and materials. The individual play stations are built from corrugated cardboard: objects of up to 3.5 m in height with a range of forms that structure the entire space and are thoroughly accessible and usable. The coated cardboard generates a specific, haptically satisfying surface aesthetic that powerfully influences the entire atmosphere.

The exhibition opens with an audio drama on the subject of “forced displacement” whose narration and other sounds are set in a completely enclosed temporary tented space. At the end of the drama the curtain and the edge of this space open and the collective discovering and playing can begin.


Vienna, AT


ZOOM Kindermuseum Vienna, AT

Curators & Concept
Elisabeth Menasse-Wiesbauer, Claudia Haas, Thomas Marschall

Exhibition Architecture
tnE Architects

Graphic Design
Dorothea Brunialti

Dekotrend GmbH, AT

Lukas Schaller