THE VIEWING PLATFORM twists through the entire vacant lot, and with its 103m2 it is the same size as the surface area of the site. The raised portion of the platform is as long as the lot. The height chosen and the projection into the street on Breite Gasse going towards the MuseumsQuartier allow a wonderful view of the immediate surroundings extending all the way out to the northern periphery of Vienna.

THE ‘MEDIENSCHLEIFE’, a multimedia display band, is a loop that forms the supporting structure for the viewing platform. The steel and LED construction makes it possible to integrate illuminated cases and displays for advertising purposes. The entire inner surface of the band is available for advertising and other uses. The area at ground level accessible from Breite Gasse can, for instance, be used as a skater’s pipe.

ACCESS to the viewing platform is via a ramp from the MuseumsQuartier and interweaves directly into the network of the MuseumsQuartier’s pathways. The Medienschleife can be accessed at ground level from Breite Gasse.

Viewing Platform


1st Prize

MQ Errichtungs- und Betriebsgesellschaft

Structural Engineering
DI Dr. Karl Heinz Wagner, A

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