Starting point of the interactive exhibition was to make the phenomenon of “hovering” sensuous and palpable. A carpet printed with a cloud motif evokes the feeling of being immersed in a cloud landscape. Meanwhile, a mirror wall reinforces the illusion of wide-open space. Integrated installations and a flying object set up the stations of the exhibition format. In order to focus concentration onto information and experiment all objects are made from a uniform material, MDF.

Exhibition Design

ZOOM Children’s Museum, Vienna, A, Istanbul, TR

Direct comission

2009 – 2010 Vienna, 2012 Istanbul

ZOOM Children’s Museum

Elisabeth Wiesbauer-Menasse, Thomas Marschall

Installations by
Götz Bury (photo studio), Nikolaus Gansterer (sketches), Dominik Guggenberger (physics, cockpit, seds), Tina Handl (costumes), Edgar Honetschläger (mobile), Jakob Scheid (Zootrop)

Structural planning
Werkraum Wien, A

Graphic design
Büro Winkler, A

Scientific consultants
W. Gruber, A.Chenet, I. Gebeshuber (physics), M. Böck (biology)

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