A small, long-established hairdresser’s salon requires a complete makeover. The aim is to give the very tight space a breadth in which, rather than becoming lost, one can take a sensual, visual voyage of discovery, drawn in by the atmosphere. With the help of fine lime plaster and a jointless brown-red stone floor the almost cubic, 26 m² space is transformed into the “white cube” at the heart of which stands an ivory-coloured item of furniture.

Much in the style of a baroque table cabinet – and much to the astonishment of the customers – this item of furniture accommodates everything needed by a fully-equipped salon: from the washing area, till, bar and storage space for care products, towels and glasses to a stair that leads to the elevated back office.

The interior of the ivory-coloured object has an orange finish and a multitude of mirrors which ensure that from certain angles this interior dissolves in a diffuse infinity. The vertical wall mirrors and the reflective surface of the counter continue this game into the space. A net-like, droplet-shaped chandelier completes the atmosphere.

Rebuilding Salon Lizz

Argentinierstraße 4, 1040 Vienna / AT


Elisabeth Kraler

Werkraum Ingenieur ZT GmbH / DI Peter Bauer

Energy concept, building automation, building physics
Bauklimatik GmbH

Light design
Christian Ploderer GmbH

Lukas Schaller, Martin Aigner (Fa. Lichtprojekt GmbH)

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