The remodelling of the foyer in the Museum of Military History in Vienna dramatically enhances the already imposing entrance with statues of famous generals. Clear spatial structures take shape, concentrating the different functions in the hall and offering a natural sense of orientation.

The optimal position of the various sections is conveyed through sightline axes and movement lines. In order to support orientation in the imposing spatial structure, the ticket office and information platform is conceived out of a symbiosis of old and new as an extended “island platform” evoking a military commander’s post. In this way the military commanders take centre stage and are simultaneously part of the events. History emerges as dialogue partner of the present day. Zones ensue assigned with various functions and differentiated in atmosphere by the lighting design.

interior design / entrance hall

Museum of Military History, Vienna, AT

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Museum of Military History, AT

Design & Concept
tnE Architects ic bogner.knoll

Light design
Designbüro Christian Ploderer GmbH, AT

Lukas Schaller

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