The square in the historic center of Hull is a special place with the town square and the Anglican Church of the Holy Trinity. The course was redesigned from the competition documents. An empty area with individual trees, two beam-like seating elements and paved floors. Framed by the surrounding buildings, this empty surface elevates the front of the Gothic church building to the visual center.

A photo of this sequence served as a source of inspiration. A city stage for Hull The empty square is the stage space, the facade of the Gothic church is the stage set / the backdrop. The quality of the “empty” area should remain the same. We place temporary “mobile” objects on this empty field.

They are the “game characters” and form the infrastructure for various activities. Depending on the number and distribution of temporary objects, people move around the square differently. Continuous correspondence between devices, observers and actors in the room, sitting, lying, standing, dancing, walking, walking, listening, dreaming, observing visitors. Once a meeting point for events, another time a random meeting point for strollers. A special atmospheric place for the people and guests of Hull. Infra-Space is a new meeting point in the historical core, a performative space for all senses for discussions, music, readings, workshops, performances …. Project Art in Public Space Ort Hull / UK Competition for a temporary site-specific commission as part of the ” City of Culture “Hull 2017


tnE IC Peter Sandbichler

Moritz Hanshans