STARTING POINT_“Wien Museum goes to school” brings the museum into schools for a whole week! In a travelling exhibition entitled “Living together in the city”, which has been specially developed for primary schools, pupils explore Vienna’s history on the basis of four central themes – play, food, movement and work.  The mobile museum is enhanced by thematic workshops and interactive tours. At the end of the week the pupils present their own exhibition before the museum moves on to the next school.

SPATIAL CONCEPT and SCENOGRAPHY_A “Vienna carpet” with trails and references to the accompanying exhibits forms the heart of the room-within-a-room concept of the mobile museum. Surrounded by four thematic blocks which are conceived as an all-round display the mobile museum, with its stacks of desks and workbenches, develops its own atmosphere. The aim of the project was to create an “atmospheric intervention” that enables the children to escape from the routine of school and encourages concentrated, collective thinking and the desire to discover.

The thematic blocks are made from soft, recycled foam and present the exhibits in a playful yet respectful way, each in its own specially produced, colourful timber frame.  This generates a richly varied yet homogeneous atmosphere that focuses the attention of the visitors upon the contents of the exhibition. This concept of the frame recurs in the graphic design and the A3 paper templates which the pupils use in setting up their own exhibition.

The four colours for the four subjects continue to lay trails through the schools, even when the museum has moved on. The interactive exhibition display not only invites the children to think and discuss but also enables them to research, discover and act as curators, designers and exhibition organisers themselves.

printed “Vienna carpet”
X four thematic blocks from recycled foam / each collapsible and packable into 3 to 4 elements (exhibits do not have to be removed)
X 4 A3 blocks in 4 colours

Exhibition Design

Larissa Cherny

October 2018 –

Wien Museum, travelling exhibition

Dekotrend, Traiskirchen, AT

Eurofoam, Kremsmünster, AT