How can we grasp Vienna in its entirety? Attempts to get a visual handle on this ever-­growing city have fascinated us for centuries  – whether in the form of classic panoramas, bird’s­-eye views, post­cards, or city maps. Yet maps and panoramas exist in a  productive field of tension between the demands of completeness and fragmentation, between making visible and concealing, be tween orientation and control. In all cases, the result is not a depiction of “real” territory, but rather an idea lized model, image, or vision of the city.

The exhibition displays not only some of the oldest, largest, or most famous maps, panoramas, and models of Vienna. Rare thematic maps, artistic renderings, and design products take their places alongside contemporary partici­patory efforts such as “Mapping the City,” which seeks to address the needs of underprivileged groups. The exhibition shines a light on city scapes rich in tradition (such as the sweeping views from the spire of Stephansdom or from Kahlenberg) while also contemplating new city vistas from today’s highrises. The ex­hibition encourages visitors to take a fresh look at the city and to actively in corporate themselves into  portrayals of the city.


Wien Museum, AT


Museen der Stadt Wien, AT

Curators & Assistance
Sándor Békési, Elke Doppler & Isabel Termini

tnE Architects

Graphic Design
Larissa Cerny

artformers GmbH, AT / Robert Brunner

Lukas Schaller

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