The open-air stage adds a new accent to the historic palace park of Grafenegg. The stage roof unfolds as sculptural motif and rises up like the crown of a great tree between the existing treetops. The reflections in the metal surface create the feeling of a “cloud-capp’d tower”, the Wolkenturm.

Based on the fundamental acoustic principles of “what you see you hear”, affinities are explored between perspective and acoustic space. Earthworks and embankments have created artificial hills, into which stage and auditorium merge smoothly in topographical relief.

Ingenious planning of viewpoints and spatial sequences opens up a multi-stratified space. The Wolkenturm has the function of both stage and pavilion within the landscape garden.

Open-air Stage

Grafenegg, AT

1st Prize


Grafenegg Kultur Betriebsges.m.b.H.

Structural planning
Ingenieurteam GmbH Bergmeister, IT

HVAC planning
Christian Koppensteier, AT

Landscape planning
Land in Sicht, AT

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3 / 5 _Ground floor
4 / 5 _Upstairs 1
5 / 5 _Upstairs 2