Schönbrunner Straße number 50, an abandoned fruit and vegetable shop is at our disposal for two weeks.

We stood in this space, which had lost its original function as a street front grocery. This apparent lack of function is pleasant, emancipating the space from the belief that it must function. It entices one to add something to the space, to blow in infiltrating material that activates this exceptional state and transforms it into the urban environment. The glass entrance is to be removed. The wind is channeled into the interior of the space. The vacated greengrocery changes into a space that catches the wind. It is the urban breezes that carry him away like a dream.



Show Title
making it – A Storefront Discussion of New Viennese Architecture

17.11.2000 – 02.12.2000

Wolfgang Niederwieser
Mark Gilbert
Verein Klangfarbe

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