Erste Stiftung

Visitors to the Erste Foundation, whose new events and meetings venue on the ground floor of the Erste Campus is highly visible from outside, are greeted by a sense of breadth, brightness and perspective. The Foundation is engaged in cultural, social and political projects, principally in Eastern Europe, and its identity is consciously reflected in the open, accessible atmosphere of the new spaces. Immediately upon entering, guests are welcomed by an information desk and a coffee bar. Visual axes ensure a generous sense of space and easy orientation in the relatively deep venue, which is also naturally lit via the accessible green courtyard situated to the rear. The yellow floor and reflective ceiling are elements of integration; they unite the various zones, ensure that the spatial volumes remain tangible at all times and fill the location with the warmth of the sun. The premises of the Foundation, which are also home to the offices of Kulturkontakt, contain largely open-plan office spaces for employees, a publically accessible reference library and an events area, which can be closed off with the help of an acoustic curtain when required.

Urban Planing
Vienna, AT
Completed in
December 2016
Erste Group Bank AG
Invited competition 2014