Virtual Experience

It is now possible to walk through and experience digital models virtually with an avatar via a game engine. We use these possibilities in our design process to investigate and explore the spatial quality of our projects in interaction with our analogue models.
How this works can be tested here using three exemplary competition projects by tnE.
The virtual walk-through of the 3D models by tnE was implemented in cooperation with the Design and Building Theory department EuG under the project management of M.Sc. Harun Faizi. EuG


AZM Archaeological Center Mainz / DE

The body of the museum acts as a symbolic element within the urban ensemble of the southern end of the historic centre of Mainz, where it functions as an eye-catcher and sound absorber. The museum and the two-storey atrium structure grow skywards from the topographically designed base. The shell of the building forms a transitional space between inside and out. The split levels of the museum are arranged vertically and connected via a continuous circulation space. The display areas are executed free of columns, which increases flexibility and permits the realisation of a range of exhibition concepts.